Digital Marketing Due Diligence Reports

Digital Marketing Investment Due Diligence Reports

When digital brands are seeking funding from financial institutions or pitching to investment capitalists a key element routinely omitted from their investment pack is a Digital Strategy Health Assessment (DSHA) from an objective third party. Pure Optimisation undertake many DSHA for brands, institutions and investors – our highly trusted reports incorporate a full sector/competitor analysis and brand positioning digitally. Furthermore, the DSHA provides analysis of commercial risks and opportunities that exist within a brand’s current digital marketing strategy and risk analysis of the current revenue over the short, mid and long-term.

Digital Revenue Protection

Pure Optimisation works at the forefront of marketing asset valuation and protection. Our proprietary commercial analysis software identifies and determines annual revenues from key elements within a digital asset (this could be as simple as an individual page on your website) and delivers the protection to preserve revenues from accidental or malicious loss.  This is particularly relevant where the primary sales or lead source comes from SEO. Significant revenues are often generated from a few SEO landing pages. Without robust processes in place a simple “tweak” to a page but more often a full website redesign can cause catastrophic revenue loss.