Automotive SEO & Content Marketing


Automotive SEO and Content Marketing

The car dealer habit of newspaper advertising has gone the way of the dinosaur and advertising on classified advertising websites is potentially heading the same way unless the classified sites change. Contemporary Automotive Marketing is now led via dealers providing useful and informative content to assist potential customers with the information they require to inform their purchase. Furthermore, you have to ensure that potential customers can find that invaluable information – and the best way to enable them to find it is via automotive SEO.

Automotive SEO has already developed into a distinct subset of SEO due to the extreme complexity of the way car buyers research and purchase a vehicle. Successful Automotive SEO requires a deep understanding of multiple factors coming into play, Automotive SEO is not simply understanding of seasonality and the way consumers use search engines to promote a car dealers’ own stock portfolio but within difficult trading conditions, how to deliver growth by taking market share from local and national competition. We jokingly call this your opportunity to have lunch out at your competitors expense, We can assure you that it’s a really satisfying meal too.

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